Wednesday, February 24, 2010

grand opening. [hello!]

My music internet spaces have been very quiet as of late... but i assure you, it isn't because things aren't happening. On the contrary, things are moving toward getting an album recorded very soon. However two little problems have made themselves impossible to ignore:

1. making an album costs money... and my pockets are not so very full.
i've received countless messages asking where my music can be purchased.

And so... without further delay, i'm setting up a little music shop right here! A bundle of my latest songs are finally available for purchase, as well as some of the older tunes, previously unheard versions of songs you haven't heard before, and a radio interview. Just scroll down to the 2 entries below, and you'll get the songs and help me get to where i'm trying to go!

Thanks so so much everyone!
love love love.

*ps - if you have any problems or questions, or forget to include your email address, please get in touch -
Please be sure to include your paypal payment confirmation.

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